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Spring Blog

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Spring Blog

The weather is still wet and cold, but hang in there because spring is not far away! Bring spring into your home with these 6 floral themes that will automatically give you the ultimate spring feeling.

1 - Flower Seed Postcards
Give an acquaintance, good friend or loved one that sunny spring feeling with these super cute flower seed postcards! These 'cards' are actually bags of various flower seeds disguised as a postcard. Write a nice message on the back, add a stamp and the recipient will receive a lovely gift with a real display of summer flowers.
There are different cards with different seeds, how about Van Gogh's sunflowers, Monet's poppies, strawberry seeds, butterfly mix... enough to sow and pick a large bouquet. The cards cost €3.95 each and you can read more about when and how to plant them here.


2- Tulip Pop Art
Who wouldn't love this collection? These Golden Age tulips have been given a new look in the style of Andy Warhol and Roy Liechtenstein. The bright, cheerful colours give a real spring feeling. The collection includes shopping bags, trays, tea towels and various stationery items, all starting at just €2.50!


3-Vincent van Gogh's Almond Blossom
A true classic that immediately brings spring to mind, Vincent van Gogh's 'Almond Blossom' painting. Van Gogh was inspired by Japanese prints for the subject, the sharp outlines and the composition of the branches in the picture plane. Not only was this Van Gogh's favourite subject and painting (and that of his family), but there are now countless fans of this work. Here at the Museum's web shop, we are also real enthusiasts, which is why you will find a wide range of products featuring reproductions of 'The Almond Blossom': see the collection here.


4- Claude Monet: 'Field of Poppies
Almost as famous as Van Gogh's 'Almond Blossom', but just as cheerful and sunny, is Claude Monet's 'Field of Poppies', painted in 1873. It is considered one of Monet's most famous works and is an incomparable impression of a sunny walk in an open field. You will always find a cheerful gift for yourself or a loved one in the Museum Webshop's poppy gift collection. Springtime? Put on your Monet poppy socks and go outside!


5- Frida Kahlo
Say Frida Kahlo and you say flowers. Flowers and other natural elements appear frequently in her work, often contrasting with an alienating atmosphere. Frida Kahlo is still considered a symbol of feminism. Her free-spirited spirit is an example to women everywhere. See the entire Frida Kahlo collection here at


6-Hortus Botanicus
Hortus Botanicus is a traditional Latin name for what is also called a botanical garden, often of a scientific nature. Spring is the ideal time to visit a hortus, as parts of it are often covered and heated (for the tropical plants), so a good reason to get out! Beautiful botanical gardens can be found in Amsterdam, Leiden, Delft, Utrecht and Groningen.
If that's too far away, you can always find the Hortus Botanicus collection on, which could be on your doorstep tomorrow!

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